The Atlantic City Advantage

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Beach towns from Atlantic City south to Cape May are home to some of the most productive marine environments on plant earth. The waters are clean, and free of heave toxins. Due to the fact the area has always been free of industrial factories. Couple this with space-age sewer systems, where the water is actually drinkable as an end result. The beaches and back bay waters are healthy, safe and beautiful. The shellfish beds are 100% open to harvest due to the superior water quality. The water quality is tested daily, unlike other states and Islands that never test water quality? South Jersey’s natural marine resources have always been the corner stone to the tourist industry. Fishing, boating, white sand beaches, ocean views and so much more.

This is exactly the reason people vacation and buy multi million dollar beach homes in Atlantic and Cape May counties . Atlantic City’s advantage over every other casino town world-wide, is the natural resources found in the region. The Golden Nugget Casino’s Beach n Boat fishing challenge Oct.9-11 is more than a great tournament. It harnesses Atlantic City’s advantage, with this the entire City will ride to the top. Hopefully, other Atlantic City businesses will join the Golden Nugget in focusing on Atlantic City’s Ace in the hole, it’s natural resources!

Check out the details of the Golden Nugget Beach n boat fishing challenge at

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  1. CC
    October 13, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    Do you have any openings for speckled sea trout?

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