Spring weakfish and the weather


This is my personal best weakfish 15.7 . Caught during the full moon tide in late May. During the same tide, Jake Stern had a 15 pounder. One over 18 pounds was also caught. It fell just under the current NJ state record.

The new moon in May can be a prime time to catch tide runner weakfish, here in Cape May County, NJ. If, The water temperature and the barometer are within the comfort zone for weakfish. Definitely not the case this year. The majority of the weakfish that have been caught this year were caught around the full moon in April. The weather has been rainy, chilly and gray since. Hopefully, blue skies and calm weather return for the full moon in May. Last week I took a road trip to florida. Hoping the weather would straiten out by the time I returned, it didn’t. The weather was sunny and warm in FL, but the fishing was tough. We managed a few keeper specks and red fish, but hard earned. I see some blue sky peeking through ! Once the water temperature returns to 58 degrees and holds for 3 days, I will be out hunting for tide runners again. I ll keep you posted.

  4 comments for “Spring weakfish and the weather

  1. Zac
    May 14, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Hey my name is Zac I was wondering who I can get intouch with maybe to get a guide this season or a seasoned fisherman to show me the ropes to get more of these awesome fish! I catch and release everything I hook into I do it because I love the sport! If you have any free time send an email zacedwards92@yahoo.com

  2. chris dailey
    May 23, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    i noticed in your what happened to the weakfish article you forgot to mention anglers who slaughter all the quality genetic savy breeders , aka april may june females , the truth of the matter is these fish are more important , because of there quality genetics , they are survivors so genetically speaking so will there broodstock the one beautiful fish killed for a picture is a fucking shame and does more damage than a weeks worth of comercial netting spike trout …… if nj had any sense they would ban killing any trout over 26 inches , and no harvesting of trout till after the full moon of june ,,,,, how much more quality of a fish and an angler ,and most importantly picture that fish would have made if it was photographed alive wet and full of life and color and released to add another half million eggs of broodstock quality ,,,, no camera , swallow the pride release remember , shouldnt be showing people these fish are still around any how , please dont kill these beautiful magestic last of their kind ,

  3. May 23, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Chris, I fought hard for a complete moratorium on weakfish, coast wide. Thanks to groups like the Recreational Fishing Alliance, we fell short. . Every weakfish matters at this point, for sure. However, we can not manage fish or wildlife personally. The best move to speed up their recover, would be to close the market. It remains open, in complete disregard of common sense. I will let you know when the next ASMFC weakfish hearing takes place.

  4. chris dailey
    May 26, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    thanks ken , appologize about foul lang. wont see that in my posts anymore , i am 43 , worked at the local tackle shop and fuel dock as a kid in stone harbor, and there is nothing i enjoy more than fishing around king numby island, carnival bay , and anywhere and everywhere from 96th street bridce to grassy sound, ive actually just returned from northern california where i was hit with a bad case of steelhead fever, what an amazing fish , simply put other then specks, weakies , steelhead dominated my head from my first trip until my last day in california ,hopefully im gonna be able to sneak down dust off the old lamiglass and hook a pretty fish like you have on your board , appreciate your response

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