National Geographic airs “The other Jersey shore, Friday, May 20th

South Jersey commercial fishermen are hard working, salt of the earth, people. They are neighbors, friends and family to many of us. They have been total disregarded, by the save the horse crab at all cost mind-set. New Jersey fishermen were completely hoodwinked out of their federal allocation for house shore crab. Delaware and other States base their harvest decisions on science. The crab seasons continues in those States. Meanwhile, New Jersey used numbers gathered by people with an agenda. New Jersey commercial fishermen are forced to buy the horse shoe crabs, from out of state. Horse shoe crab is used for baiting eel pots.
These people involved in saving the horse shoe crabs are good passionate people. I have personally met many of them. They put their heart and soul into their endeavors. They have many achievements that benefit wildlife in New Jersey,and across the nation. I just disagree, with how they bullied the small commercial fishermen on this issue.

Check out the trail to the upcoming show here:

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