Spring Weakfish arrive in Cape May , NJ


2016 Weakfish season

Every rock has a story. A few of them ran through my mind, as I walked the jetty at 2:00 am.   Larry Martino’s rock, that produced a 42″ world record class weakfish , that he didn’t weigh in.  The striped bass rock, that held them at a time , that you were famous if you caught one. The don’t  try it rock, this one has sent many fishermen and surfers to the ER, including me. My focus returned, to the task at hand, at that point.

Tonight , the rock of interest , was CJ’s rock.
The moon filled night, held a steady cadence of the surf, mixed with a salt breeze, so refreshing!   The conditions were almost  perfect  for weakfish. The water temperature was in the zone , but just, at 58 degrees . All the other conditions were right on . Cj’s rock, gained a little more fame tonight. It produced my first 2016 spring weakfish. The spring striped bass and black drum bite has been excellent, in Cape May County waters this spring. However, nothing  holds bragging rights  among  local  sport fishermen , like a tide runner spring weakfish. Now is the time.

The 2016 Summer Flounder Opener, was  a bust. The weather condition were so poor, I didn’t  go. Looking forward to the upcoming week.



  2 comments for “Spring Weakfish arrive in Cape May , NJ

  1. May 23, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    This is really a great comment, Ken. When I was much younger and living in Philadelphia, opening day of trout season was on April 15 at 5 am. I had a rock at Bells Mill Road on the Wissahickon Creek. I was there by midnight to make sure I had it. No records, but lots of great memories even with the thousands of anglers after the 10,000 stocked fish.

  2. May 24, 2016 at 3:22 am

    Life has moved forward and time has past. Yet, I am sure , you can still find that rock in the dark.

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