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Kensdock Report: Last U.S. smelting plant closing will cost outdoor sportsmen

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The closing of the last United States  lead processing  plant will force all lead to  be shipped in from over seas, with the exception of recycled lead. The closing is a direct result  of  a 1000% increase in new  U.S. DEP requirements. Do not blame President Obama, the rules were  set in motion before he was elected.   The cost of processed lead in the United States will skyrocket.  Hunters, fishermen and the target shooter will feel a direct hit. Lead jig heads and ammunition  are expected to rise. The U.S. military stock piled ammunition  at a historic rate prior to the closing. This caused an ammo shortage and a record price increase  in itself.  However,  the military induced  price increase  will pale in comparison of what is to come.  Aviation fuel requires 2g lead per gallon. The extra cost will push jet fuel cost   and without doubt increase  airfare.  The smelting plant closing will reach far beyond increasing the cost of outdoor sports. It will create a redistribution of wealth, pushing more U.S. dollars to china and peru.  The smelting plant was in business for a 120 years. Now it becomes a victim of the American manufacturing blight,  joining the  U.S. steel plants in Pennsylvania and the auto manufacturing plants of Detroit .



Kensdock Report: Governor Chris Christie

Love him or hate him,  Chris Christie is New Jersey’s  most popular Governor in the history of New Jersey.  There are many reasons for his overwhelming popularity. However, the fact that he is a very likeable  person  is surely  part of it. 


Our Dayna  and  Governor Chris Christie.

Kensdock Report: MID WINTER UPDATE

Mid winter update: The 2012 NJ flounder season will be liberalized via a longer season, shorter keeper size or a combination of the two. The reason, NJ fishermen underfished the 2011 flounder quota. I am not surprised at all, considering NJ only had about 250,000 saltwater anglers register in 2011, 2011 was the first year for the saltwater fishermen registry in NJ. In the past NOAA would estimate the amount of NJ saltwater fishermen, 1.35 million NJ fishermen at one point, an astronomical over estimation. No need to consult a math professor to reason that New Jersey is owed a substantial increase in the 2012 flounder season quota.

Striper fishermen can no longer use the American eel for bait. It has been added to the federal list of threatened species, along with a federal fine for taking or injuring an American eel (Pending).  Herring a favorite bait among Striper fishermen and early season flounder fishermen will no longer be available for bait, as herring seasons have been closed in all waters.

The NJ 2011 deer season harvest was up in the north, down in central and in the south. In Princeton Twp hunters killed 171 deer, this however was not enough. Princeton  hired White Buffalo Inc.  to cull deer on some  private and county property that is to densely populated for hunting. Some of the deer are literally feeding under swing sets in back yards.  .223 cal. rifles with suppressors will be used from elevated stands.  Some net and bolt will be used in areas where firearms cannot be used. Remember, at one time Princeton Twp. NJ was one of the only towns in the nation that did not” allow deer hunting.  After realizing the ramifications of an out of control deer herd, they now proactively seek to keep the deer herd within the carrying capacity of the habitat.

Deer hunters in NJ are permitted 6 antlered deer, a combination of all seasons fall archery, muzzle loader, shot gun and winter bow. However, only 4 deer hunters out of about 100,000 harvested all 6 antlered deer.

NewJerseyfish and wildlife’s pheasant farm was damaged during Hurricane Irene, thousands of pheasants flew the coup during the storm. NJ fish and wildlife reached out toMarylandfor pheasants {at a cost} for their obligation to pheasant stamp holders.   F&W is seeking a FEMA grant that will help pay for the pheasants and rebuilding the farm.

NJ Deer Check stations are now a thing of the past; hunters must now report their deer via phone or internet. You will receive a number that must be attached to the deer through all processing.

2009 NJ Flounder season options

      The two options up for debate at 18″ with 8 fish are a season of June 6 Through September 7th or May 23 through September 1st. The dates can be tweaked slightly, but because days in wave 3 (May-June) are not weighted as heavily as wave 5 (Sept.-Oct.) it is not an even 1 for 1 trade off. There are also 2 options at 6 fish that would be June1 thru Sept 7 or May 23 thru Sept 4 and 2 options at 4 fish. The options at 4 fish only give you 1 more day.

There are 4 options with in season closures. 2 options are 18″, 8 fish and the season is either may 15 to July 20 & August 3 to Sept. 13 OR May 20 to July 19 & July 30 to Sept. 11.
The other 2 are 18″ and 6 fish and the season would be May 13 to July 20 & August 3 to Sept. 16 OR May 18 to July 19 & July 30 to Sept. 13.

Currently it is believed the 18.5 inch option (which would have an 8 fish bag and a season from May 9 to October 4) would not be allowed since the ASMFC required a minimum of 50% of any reduction (if a reduction was needed of course) to come from season closure. Since that option has no seasonal closure and actually gives a longer season, and since it takes 100% of the reduction from size limit and none from season, it is believed that it would not be allowed based on the rule from the ASMFC. It does give more of a reduction than that required, so one would think the extra reduction would make up for the lack of seasonal closure, but the motion from the ASMFC was specific in requiring 50% of a reduction to come from season. Currently the state is assuming the 18.5″ option would not be allowed and is looking for clarification from ASMFC.

Tony, Thank you for the information. 2-19-09