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6-14-09 11:00 pm Kensdock fishing report

flounder 007The  area I have been flounder fishing since opening day is becoming fished out. I only had a couple of keepers today.In Cape May county,NJ the flounder move into the back bays starting in March. The number of flounder in any one hole or area of the back bay is limited. Once I fish an area during good conditions and do not catch any keeper flounder I am done with that area for the season. The commercial sea bass fishermen do the same when fishing the offshore wrecks. Congratulations to Mr.Cheeseman and crew on the 250 pound mako shark they caught at the 750 square. That is the mako everyone was looking for during the south Jersey Shark tournament!  The fishermen that are catching weakfish are investing an average of 40 hours per weakfish caught. To the best of my knowledge high hook has seven weakfish for the season. Most avid weakfish fisherman are now not targeting weakfish due to the dangerously low population. The fishermen that are dialed into the ocean flounder fishing are catching some impressive limits of  flounder, with all the flounder being in the 7 pound plus range. The fishermen do not want their name or boat mentioned.

6-13-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:45 pm

We had a great day on the water today, Jonathon traveled 12 hours to go flounder fishing in the back bay of Stone Harbor,NJ. It did not take long before he was hooked up to a 4.5 pound flounder. We fished for two hours and ended up with 7 keeper flounder. Ed Tiese and Daughter Alex caught five keeper flounder this morning.
The South Jersey Tournament finished up at 7:00 pm today. A 590 pound thresher caught by the crew on the fat cat was the winner of the tournament. A 232 pound mako caught by the crew on the 100 proof  was the heaviest mako of the tournament. Check out the live feed on the side bar, South Jersey Marina. . The water temperature was 68.4 on the top of the tideflounder 056

6-12-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:45 pm

flounder 054flounder 053flounder 049The Keeper flounder are still in the back bays. After all the reports of limit catches of flounder from the reefs, I had to check my back bay spots for flounder. Sure enough I caught a keeper flounder in minutes of fishing. I have family coming from out of state to  flounder fish and they do not like the ocean. I was glad to see the keeper flounder are holding in the back bay.
I stopped down to the South Jersey Shark tournament weigh in scale. I saw a few nice makos along with blue sharks and threshers.The Great White Shark” that was caught on the ******** I missed. The crew thought they had a mako. The scale master would not allow the fish to be weighed. Moments later the coast guard showed up. The coast guard confiscated the boat and the great white shark. Great whites are federal protected. The fine is fifty thousand dollars!!. It would be  a good idea to make sure you know the difference  between a great white and a mako shark  before you go shark fishing. Let a lone take a shark that you are not sure what species it is to a weigh station with state biologist, TV camorras and a crowd of  people!  

6-11-09 Kensdock mako shark fishing, spot picks. 7:00 pm

Excitement is in the air  among shark fishermen in Cape May with the anticipation of the first day of the South Jersey Shark tournament that begins  tomorrow. To my chagrin I am not fishing the tournament tomorrow. If the water condition are good, here is were I would be  shark fishing. If I was not in the Mako Mania Calcutta, I would be fishing for threshers. A thresher  shark will most likely take the heaviest shark in the tournament. The old grounds would be my pick for threshers. For Makos I would be heading to the Elephants trunk. This area is being fished by the commercial scallop boats at this time. The scallops are cleaned at sea and the bellies are thrown over board creating a massive food source. Inside of the elephants trunk there is a pimple a { raise in the sea bottom} I would start my day at this spot. There is  a wreak in the trunk area called the Arlinne {not sure if the spelling is correct} this would be my second pick. If you fish this spot in the morning bring a camora and a gun. Good luck to all, Ken
The flounder bite was outstanding today in the ocean. The guys I spoke with were fishing  inshore lumps and structure off of wildwood. They caught 18 keepers to 7 pounds.

6-10-09 Kensdock fishing report 8:00 pm

  The striper bite has slowed up the last couple of days. The flounder bite continues to be strong in the back bay.The back bay is not the only area that keeper flounder are being caught,John was fishing reef eleven and had 6 keepers today. Mike T was at the old grounds and managed to catch just 5 throw back flounder. Offshore action,George  was shark fishing today and caught a nice mako,they had a couple of run offs as well. Everyone I have spoke with that has been shark fishing has had action.

6-9-09 Kensdock fishing report

Wally Bachman and crew  continue to load the boat with keeper flounder. I did not fish today due to the rain. I still am in awe over the giant stripers being caught from the beaches from Avalon to Cape May point. Stone harbor beach has only a few sharps fishing for stripers. I can tell you they are catching Big stripers everyday. These guys DO NOT take the fish to the tackle shops and they are very tight lipped. There is plenty of room to fish in Stone Harbor and Avalon. Cape May is a little crowded. Today the water temperature on the in coming tide was 63.5. The sky was overcast and the water was clean.

6-7-09 Kensdock fishing report{ First Mako shark of the season}

Sportfishing boat Gaphia has the bragging rights to the first mako to hit the scale at Jims’ B&T in Cape May this season, also the first mako of the season in the port of Cape May. The mako  weighed 178 pounds. Crew member Tony was the angler. They also had some blue sharks. Looks like it could be a good year for the South Jersey Shark tournament! The South Jersey Shark tournament is this weekend. I caught keeper flounder number 50 today. I look for the flounder bite to slow down until the tide cycles around. The flounder bite is always better when we have at least a 4.2 high tide during day light hours.The water temperature was 62.5 degrees on the in coming tide. The wind was about 15 mph out of the south. flounder 047

2009 NJ Flounder season

The NJ Marine fisheries council has chosen option 5, May 23 to Sept. 4, 18″ size limit with a 6 fish bag limit.





                     Iam down loading video of the council members and others speaking. coming soon.