6-14-09 11:00 pm Kensdock fishing report

flounder 007The  area I have been flounder fishing since opening day is becoming fished out. I only had a couple of keepers today.In Cape May county,NJ the flounder move into the back bays starting in March. The number of flounder in any one hole or area of the back bay is limited. Once I fish an area during good conditions and do not catch any keeper flounder I am done with that area for the season. The commercial sea bass fishermen do the same when fishing the offshore wrecks. Congratulations to Mr.Cheeseman and crew on the 250 pound mako shark they caught at the 750 square. That is the mako everyone was looking for during the south Jersey Shark tournament!  The fishermen that are catching weakfish are investing an average of 40 hours per weakfish caught. To the best of my knowledge high hook has seven weakfish for the season. Most avid weakfish fisherman are now not targeting weakfish due to the dangerously low population. The fishermen that are dialed into the ocean flounder fishing are catching some impressive limits of  flounder, with all the flounder being in the 7 pound plus range. The fishermen do not want their name or boat mentioned.

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