NJ Red drum and speckled trout


 One of today's striped bass, at the end of the fight.

One of today’s striped bass, at the end of the fight.

I fished numerous areas for them, and applied a ridiculous amount of effort.  I found clean water, baitfish and the correct water temperature, not a hit. Not even a rumor of a New Jersey red drum or speckled trout being caught, to spite prime conditions this past week. The only way I avoid getting skunked, is by cherry picking striped bass on the way home.    Worst October for Jersey reds and speckled trout in a lifetime, so far.

Two Jersey specks

Two Jersey specks


  1 comment for “NJ Red drum and speckled trout

  1. October 31, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Hey ken George Rohana. You ,I ,and ed fished for these guys for yrs. I’m in cm , had great redfish in last yr but zero this yr. I kno temps are just gettin right but I’m def negative on fishery this yr. if ur up to rips fishin if it happens I’d be happy to take you. Got 21’deep vee mako

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