Spring striper update 4-9-09

3-30-09Ed Tiese called to brag , he caught two stripers today 26″ and 24″. Making him by far high hook on stripers from the beach and sod banks of Cape May co. NJ.  He fishes strickley lures.

A lot of activity today around the back bays of Cape May co.NJ. the commercial crabbers have made their first set of the season for blue claw crabs. For a foggy Thursday in April there was more than a few boats put in the water today. Nice to see all the spring action. I put my boat in the water today. I will be  fishing just about ever fishable day from now until December. I will post reports with pictures and some video clips through out the season. The stripers should come on strong this week. I look for the door mate flounder to show up soon. I talked to some commercial fishermen they told me first hand of the giant flounder they have been catching 10 – 15lbs. They tell me the flounder are staging up to move inshore. When flounder start to get spots it is a sure sign they are moving towards the beach. Note: all the giant flounder that where caught by the guys I was speaking with went back over board alive. We will have to stay sharp if we are going to catch any tide runner weakfish, the last couple of years they have showed up in late April and where gone by the second week in May.
  27860022 by Ken's Dock. 
4-9-09 I headed out about an hour before dark, I bee lined for my number one striper spot, usually the stripers show here first and stay all through summer and fall. The water was full of grass to the point it was unfishable with lures.I may have been able to catch with bait I just do not get into clam and chum striper fishing. My real passion for late April is tide runner weakfish. I spent the reminder of day light checking my favorite weakfish spots looking for any changes to the bottom and sod banks. The water temperature will have to jump up to at least 55 degrees at the bottom of the tide before the first weakfish will feed. All we need is three days of sunny 65 degree days to hit the mark.

278600084-9-09 Nick with a few back bay weakies. They where caught in early May in Cape May co,NJ.

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