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Kensdock Report: Jimmy Fee catching weakfish, On The Water TV Sunday Jan.19

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Cape May County, NJ weakfish late June 2013.

The weakfish has carved a special place within  many saltwater fishermen. If you are one of them, do not miss this week’s  episode of On The Water fishing show.  Sunday at 10AM on Comcast SportsNet New England. The show is all about the fish that are found   in the New Jersey region. The weakfish are making a come back,  due to the efforts of  many saltwater fishermen. They took the time to write a letter, attend a hearing or make a phone call, asking for a moratorium.  It is such a beautiful thing to see the purple  hue  of the weakfish return to our waters. The management system works best when the  participants  get involved.

Kensdock Report: NJ Senate majority press release on new gun bills

For Release: Immediate
Friday, April 12, 2013Contact: Richard McGrath, (609) 847-3700Multi-Bill Package To Reduce Threat of Gun Violence Will Be Introduced MondayTRENTON — Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senator Donald Norcross and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg announced on Friday a comprehensive plan to protect against gun violence, including a new electronic system for instant background checks that will be a national model for gun safety. The multi-bill package will be introduced in the Senate on Monday.

“I worked with Majority Leader Weinberg and Law and Public Safety Chairman Norcross, as well as advocates on both sides of the discussion, to compile a package of bills that will serve as a national model on gun safety,” said Senate President Sweeney. “As we press ahead, I look forward to continuing this dialogue with all sides. At the end of the day we all want the same thing: to provide safety and protection for our friends and family. These bills will do just that, both through common-sense and new innovative measures.”

The centerpiece of the plan is legislation sponsored by Senate President Sweeney that will create an electronic system for instant background checks for the purchase of firearms including a photo ID for purchases. The bill also requires the immediate revocation of gun permits at criminal sentencing and for those ordered into involuntary commitment, prohibits the purchase or possession of ammunition by those with criminal convictions and requires safety training to obtain a firearms permit.

The new system combines the permits for handguns and hunting rifles into one, with the information encoded on the buyer’s driver’s license or state-issued identification card. The electronic process allows for instant background checks and real time reporting, immediately identifying those who aren’t allowed to purchase firearms.

Other bills in the package will ban the Barrett .50 caliber rifle, crack down on straw purchases, prohibit gun sales to those on the federal “no fly” list, upgrade penalties for illegal gun trafficking, address mental health issues and study ways to improve school safety.

“These bills will crack down on the illegal trafficking of guns that end up in the hands of criminals and contribute to the epidemic of street violence,” said Senator Donald Norcross, the sponsor of legislation that would set tougher penalties for gun trafficking and create a study commission on school security. “We have to do what we can to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, to make our streets safer and our schools more secure.”

The bills would also prevent convicted gun traffickers from being eligible for early release from prison, confiscate motor vehicles used to illegally transport guns and impose stricter penalties for the unlawful possession of a firearm on school grounds.

“We have witnessed too many tragic cases of gun violence that have taken too many lives,” said Senate Majority Leader Weinberg. “We won’t surrender to this senseless violence. This is a comprehensive plan that goes after many of the factors that contribute to a level of violence that can’t be ignored and shouldn’t be allowed.”

The centerpiece of the package would:

Establish an electronic system of instant background checks for gun retailers, combining the separate permits for handguns and hunting weapons into one. The system would use motor vehicle licenses or state-issued ID cards encoded with the buyer’s firearms ID information in the database operated by the State Police for permits for handguns and hunting rifles;

Require a photograph on the ID;

Require safety training to qualify for firearms permit;

Criminalize the purchase and possession of ammunition by those convicted of certain crimes;

Require a valid firearms ID for the purchase of ammunition; and,

Mandate the revocation of gun permits at sentencing for those convicted of a crime and for those ordered into involuntary commitment.

Among the bills in the package, is legislation that would:

Disqualify those on the federal “no fly” list from eligibility for gun permits;

Ban the sale of the .50 caliber Barrett assault weapon;

Upgrade penalties for the unlawful possession of a firearm on school grounds;

Upgrade penalties for gun dealers who knowingly sell to those who intend to transfer the weapon to an ineligible person, helping to combat straw sales that allow criminals to get weapons;

Allow for the seizure and forfeiture of motor vehicles used in the illegal trafficking of firearms, disqualify gun traffickers from early release from prison and require they serve at least 85 percent of terms before parole;

Establish a School Security Task Force to find ways to make schools safe and secure;

Declare violence a health crisis, which could qualify for federal funds; Create a commission to study violence and mental health;

Prohibit state investments in companies that manufacture, import or sell assault rifles for civilian use;

Exempts firearms records from the Open Public Records Act. Allows for reporting of aggregate information on gun permits approved or denied but not any personal identifying information; and,

Changes from second-degree to third-degree the crime of unlawful purpose when the weapon is a BB gun.


Kensdock Report: AC Press, New Jersey’s Saltwater Fishing Registry costs less than expected. Not Really

Not really. Yes, it cost less to run the website” that counts the saltwater fishermen. However, the cost of the saltwater registry continues to grow.The NJ registry meets the minimum requirements. It does not provide money for New Jersey biologist to analyze the data or do anything else to improve   saltwater fishing. New Jersey was one of, if not, the only State to chose the salt water registry in lieu of a saltwater license. Most States chose the smart route and for good reason.The fact is saltwater fishing continues to decline due to lack of fish. Saltwater  fishing related  businesses are going bankrupt due to lack of fish. More fish, more fishermen, more jobs. The New Jersey saltwater registry does nothing to enhance saltwater fish or fishing, nothing… A couple of more facts:
The reason more fishing seasons have not been closed yet, is due to money being raided from the NJ nuclear emergence fund.
New Jersey  continues to lose millions of dollars in Dingell-Johnson sport fishing restoration funds with the free fishing registry.
New Jersey continues to lose grant money with the free registry . Like the $150 million federal grant Florida was online to receive last year. Florida planned to build saltwater hatcheries, creating 3,129 immediate construction jobs and 169 permanent jobs.

Kensdock Report: MID WINTER UPDATE

Mid winter update: The 2012 NJ flounder season will be liberalized via a longer season, shorter keeper size or a combination of the two. The reason, NJ fishermen underfished the 2011 flounder quota. I am not surprised at all, considering NJ only had about 250,000 saltwater anglers register in 2011, 2011 was the first year for the saltwater fishermen registry in NJ. In the past NOAA would estimate the amount of NJ saltwater fishermen, 1.35 million NJ fishermen at one point, an astronomical over estimation. No need to consult a math professor to reason that New Jersey is owed a substantial increase in the 2012 flounder season quota.

Striper fishermen can no longer use the American eel for bait. It has been added to the federal list of threatened species, along with a federal fine for taking or injuring an American eel (Pending).  Herring a favorite bait among Striper fishermen and early season flounder fishermen will no longer be available for bait, as herring seasons have been closed in all waters.

The NJ 2011 deer season harvest was up in the north, down in central and in the south. In Princeton Twp hunters killed 171 deer, this however was not enough. Princeton  hired White Buffalo Inc.  to cull deer on some  private and county property that is to densely populated for hunting. Some of the deer are literally feeding under swing sets in back yards.  .223 cal. rifles with suppressors will be used from elevated stands.  Some net and bolt will be used in areas where firearms cannot be used. Remember, at one time Princeton Twp. NJ was one of the only towns in the nation that did not” allow deer hunting.  After realizing the ramifications of an out of control deer herd, they now proactively seek to keep the deer herd within the carrying capacity of the habitat.

Deer hunters in NJ are permitted 6 antlered deer, a combination of all seasons fall archery, muzzle loader, shot gun and winter bow. However, only 4 deer hunters out of about 100,000 harvested all 6 antlered deer.

NewJerseyfish and wildlife’s pheasant farm was damaged during Hurricane Irene, thousands of pheasants flew the coup during the storm. NJ fish and wildlife reached out toMarylandfor pheasants {at a cost} for their obligation to pheasant stamp holders.   F&W is seeking a FEMA grant that will help pay for the pheasants and rebuilding the farm.

NJ Deer Check stations are now a thing of the past; hunters must now report their deer via phone or internet. You will receive a number that must be attached to the deer through all processing.

Kensdock report: August Back Bay Flounder

Jonathon and Wayne traveled in from Louisville Ky., arriving last week. Back bay fishing for founder was on the top of the to do list. Usually they schedule a June Cape May County vacation, to catch the best of the Back  Bay flounder bite. However, this year Jon was  in Hollywood CA., busy with his part in the upcoming movie {Me Again} during June. He has a significant part in the movie, it is going to be a blockbuster, look for the trailers around the New Year. If you are Back Bay Flounder fishing in August, keeper flounder are much tougher to catch apposed to June fishing. The total amount of keeper flounder Jonathon and Wayne boated during their August vacation was 14 keepers to 23”, in addition, they had numerous short flounder. We fished an average of two hours, centered on the top of the tide, five trips. The water temperature fluctuated during the week between 63 degrees to a high of 76 degrees. The water clarity was excellent {tropical} I could see my lure on the bottom, from the boat at 19’.  I will be keeping a snorkel onboard for the rest of the summer to take advantage of the super clear water.  I should mention that every flounder trip this week included keeper flounder, not bad for August back bay fishing. 

Kensdock Report: Back bay flounder/ striper/ weakfish update

Dr.Gary on the double touch out of Stone Harbor marina continues to catch keeper flounder in the back bay.On Saturday he put five  5 keepers in the box. Dr. Gary is one of the top back bay flounder fisherman in NJ, if not the best in the State. He has caught numerous flounder over ten pounds in the back bay. His boat recently won the Grassy sound flounder tournament with a 6 pound plus flounder. Lucky for the winners of the duke of fluke tournament he was not entered or he would have taken the heaviest flounder in that tournament also. The water temperature has been fluctuating from 59 degrees to 80 degrees in the back bay depending on the wind direction. When the water temperature dips the striper bite turns red hot. There has also been some weakfish caught and released this week, one 22″ that was caught and released and a six pounder that was put in the cooler.