8-19-09 Kensdock todays ASMFC weakfish meeting,update 8:55 pm

Take  time to read the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries weakfish management board meeting minutes. http://www.asmfc.org       
 Here is quote from

 And, finally, I would just like to say, as I said before,

no matter what happens with the peer review in June

the board needs to remember that weakfish is in a

depleted condition, a depressed state. We can’t agree

with that particular panel on why it is there. One of

the main things that they said was that predation may

be maintaining the population at low levels without

having contributed to the original decline in the


We agree that overfishing was the problem in the

eighties. We have used management to get the stock

started back in an increasing mode during the early

nineties and mid-nineties, and then all of a sudden it

dropped back down. Now, we definitely agree that it

was overfishing early on. We’re saying the split

happened in the early thousands that predation is the

main focus of a problem out 

out there, and it is

continuing to maintain those levels and we can’t

seem to break through it to move forward. That’s it

for me. Like I said, I tried to do this real quick.


I was in contact with Nichola Meserve Fisheries Management plan coordinator today via email. She informed me that in light of the dramatic weakfish stock decline the ASMFC weakfish board initiated an addendum. The draft addendum will include  a range of options to severely  restrict the harvest of weakfish, including a moratorium on harvesting weakfish. The addendum is being fast tracked and could be approved in November.





MR. RUSS ALLENS’ report to the weakfish board:

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