Saltwater Tournament fishing , the Wildwood Challenge

 Bill Collins has won the Beach and boat tournament's Wildwood Challenge 2 years strait.

Bill Collins has won the Beach and boat tournament’s Wildwood Challenge (Weakfish) 2 years strait.This year’s fish weighed in at 6.8 pounds

The entire seawall was alive with flashlights and headlamps. With every cast of my lure, I would notice a new fisherman, searching out a place to fish. I have been avidly fishing in Cape May County, NJ all of my life. Maybe, I would bump into one or two other fishermen during a night fishing trip. Why such an increase in fishing activity ? This weekend was the Beach and Boat fishing tournament’s Wildwood Challenge. Fishermen traveled in from all over to fish the tournament. The tournament activity also created interest, that inspired people to fish, that weren’t even in the tournament. I caught some beautiful weakfish during the tournament. However they were all short of Bill’s 6.8 tide-runner. The State wide Beach and Boat tournament is still alive until November 30. They have over 10,000 fishermen in the tournament. If you haven’t entered, do yourself a favor, and sign up. It is super cheap, high in value and a lot of fun.

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