Spring striper update 4-9-09

3-30-09Ed Tiese called to brag , he caught two stripers today 26″ and 24″. Making him by far high hook on stripers from the beach and sod banks of Cape May co. NJ.  He fishes strickley lures.

A lot of activity today around the back bays of Cape May co.NJ. the commercial crabbers have made their first set of the season for blue claw crabs. For a foggy Thursday in April there was more than a few boats put in the water today. Nice to see all the spring action. I put my boat in the water today. I will be  fishing just about ever fishable day from now until December. I will post reports with pictures and some video clips through out the season. The stripers should come on strong this week. I look for the door mate flounder to show up soon. I talked to some commercial fishermen they told me first hand of the giant flounder they have been catching 10 – 15lbs. They tell me the flounder are staging up to move inshore. When flounder start to get spots it is a sure sign they are moving towards the beach. Note: all the giant flounder that where caught by the guys I was speaking with went back over board alive. We will have to stay sharp if we are going to catch any tide runner weakfish, the last couple of years they have showed up in late April and where gone by the second week in May.
  27860022 by Ken's Dock. 
4-9-09 I headed out about an hour before dark, I bee lined for my number one striper spot, usually the stripers show here first and stay all through summer and fall. The water was full of grass to the point it was unfishable with lures.I may have been able to catch with bait I just do not get into clam and chum striper fishing. My real passion for late April is tide runner weakfish. I spent the reminder of day light checking my favorite weakfish spots looking for any changes to the bottom and sod banks. The water temperature will have to jump up to at least 55 degrees at the bottom of the tide before the first weakfish will feed. All we need is three days of sunny 65 degree days to hit the mark.

278600084-9-09 Nick with a few back bay weakies. They where caught in early May in Cape May co,NJ.

Spring striper run 3-27-09

Ed Teise called today He had a bang up night a couple of days back with 50 quality short Stripers. He also had one keeper 34 inch. I was hoping to tag a long  tonight but with this wind direction Ed will not fish for stripers. As soon as we get the right wind I will drop everything  and head out. Ed Teise is one of Cape May county NJs’ top fishermen He has won more striper,weakfish and speckled trout tournaments than anyone alive in Cape May co., NJ. He caught all the stripers from the ocean side of the garden state parkway. The 2009 spring striper bite is on. Note:If you are thinking of fishing for spring stripers in Cape May Co. NJ , make sure the wind will be out of the north,NW or West this pertains to the ocean side.  Stripers can be caught from the Delaware bay on all wind directions. The way to catch in the Delaware Bay in the spring is on bait, clam, bunker and blood worms. A    good spot for the Delaware Bay spring stripers is Reeds beach at high tide.

Early Cape May co. Summer flounder

  We all have our favorite flounder rig be it, salted herring, squid and minnes, bucktail or top and bottom rig ect.. Then you have the slow lift or the fast jig. I almost forgot the drag the least productive. Always  keep your bait moving up and down when flounder fishing. The most critical part of flounder fishing like all fishing  is your location. Even the drag method will catch if you are in the right spot. So here is a early season flounder fishing tip, Ludlum bay in Cape May Co.  will hold large numbers of flounder, big flounder, long before the flounder find there way into the surrounding sounds of Cape May county that also includes the Delaware bay. If you decide to fish before the opening day catch and release of coarse, be honest. I am not the only one that knows of this early season super hot spot State conservation officers are well aware of it.

Gulp lures

For what ever it is worth, When the gulp first came out I killed the flounder on them. Later that year I was fishing for specs with six other fishermen. I was fishing with what I thought was the greatest fishing lure of all times the gulp. Well I never caught a spec the first day, every one else had at least two. Ok, I got snake bit. Like a dummy for one week I would not take that gulp off . The only specs I seen that week were caught by some one close to me. I put on a regular pink plastic lure and later I was cleaning 4 specs. My son and I were in the middle of a large school of Stripers, I had on a gulp paddle tail he had on a plain rubber shad he out fished me 5-1. I think the action of the gulp just is not good enough stripers or sea trout.

73rd Annual Cape May co. fishing tournament Winners


         I am posting the winners of this tournament and all the tournaments to come in the Cape May Co,NJ area. Including all State wide tournaments. The reason being the local papers and the fishing magazines do such a poor job of it.The County sent the winners list in a format that I can not copy and past from, so it will take a little bit longer before all the winners are posted
 SWORDFISH 146lbs Dave Warren Moran’s B&T
Blue Fish     12.97 bls                    Mark kooch                                     
Blue fish      11 bls                         Mark Ward                                                                     
Blue fish 10 bls 8 oz                                Glen Sweetman                          
Calico bass  2lbs 5oz                     R M Urban                                       
”            ”    2lbs 4oz                    Jim Riechert                                   
”           ”  .88                              Howard Peck                                      
Catfish      1.88lbs                        Donna Check                                   Fish and stuff
Cobia         54lbs                         Jim O’ Donnel                                  Jims’ Bait and Tackle
“”  “”         49.38                         Jay Hynes                                    My wifes rod and reel repair                                       Paul Rogers  TestTube
“”  “”         27lbs 8oz                  Anna Welsh                                     Jim’s  Bait and Tackle                                             Mat    Slobodgian     Erica Sue
COD         6.48lbs                      Michael Saunders                             Moran’ Bait and Tackle                                                Miss Avalon
COD        2.28lbs                      Rick    Karcher                                   Jim’s Bait and Tackle                                                 Gallent Lady
CROCKER  3.29lbs                   Rick Prince                                       AL  Crudele   Bayhound
“”       “””    2.o2lbs                  Charles Davison JR                               Avalon   Hodge podge
“”        “””  1.01lbs                                   Ron Brown                                           Bud’s Tackle
Dolphin     41lbs 4oz                      Ed Manzi                                Bill Fox      Addiction
Dolphn      39lbs                         Michael                                  Ron Levy  Sea Splendour                                Dolphn      23lbs                          Duwane  Moyer                                                     Bill Ortlip   Jen and Tonic
Black Drum  109lbs                    Nick Henry                                        Tackle Box                                                                 Tim Smith  Bodacious                                                    
“”  “”           93lbs                        Pete  Fricano                                    Moran’s
“”  “””         89lbs                        Amanda Rhoades                                Harbor Veiw Marina                                             All   D’A senco    All Geared Up
Red Drumfish  5lbs 4oz             Michael Keenen                                          No Bones Bait and Tackle  
Summer Flounder  11.06lbs       Jim    Daunoras                                            Gibson’s                                                          Jim  Nu Toy
“”””           “”””        10.56lbs       Charles Danowski                                         Jim’s Bait and Tackle
“””””        “”””””        10.5lbs         Chris  Maroccia                                          South Jersey Marina
   Kingfish         2lbs 1oz              Brian McArdle                                            Bud’s Tackle
   “”   “”             1 .57lbs              John Coles                                                  My wifes rod and reel repair
  “”    “”             1lb 9oz               Mike Hudges                                                Bud’s
Largemouth Bass   7lbs 1oz        John Sanders                                               Dennisville campground
“”””         “””””         6lbs 9oz      RM Urban                                                          “”””       “”””””
”””””         ”””””          6lbs            Mike Keun                                                        Junior’s  Crab
King Mackerel  14lbs 3oz          Zackery Shafer                                                 Moran’s                                                                 Jim Lutz     Nev-V-enuf
White Perch    1lb 6oz              Ed Patterson                                                     My wife’s rod and reel repair
Yellow Perch    1.5lbs               Jim Nash                                                          Bud’s  Tackle
Pickerel              4lbs                Bob Urban                                                    Dennisville campground
   Porgy           1lb 9oz             Albert  Doh                                                  Bud’s Tackle                                                                     
SEABASS       7lbs                Sherley Petrella                                              Budd’s
SEABASS       6lbs                Tony Franseco                                                “”                                Cape Queen
SEABASS       4.9lbs              Robert Jones                                              Moran’s


SPECKLED TROUT  7lbs8oz        Bill Gorden                           Sterling Harbor
SPECKLED TROUT  6.61lbs        Ken McDermott                   Avalon Hodgepodge
SPECKLED TROUT 4.8lbs           Deano Paciocco                  Larsen’s Marina
STRIPED BASS  58lbs8oz          Bill Short
STRIPED BASS  50lbs 2oz       John McNichol                       Hinch Marina
STRIPED BASS  49lbs2oz        Anglo Poulas                        Hand’s B&T
MAKO SHARK  162lbs        Nickolas  Taft                        Andy   Merendino Cape Queen
THRESHER SHARK 583lbs    James Trigger                     Rocco Dipasquale      Rock on
SHEAPSHEAD   14lbs         Tom Maura                          Grassy Sound Marina
SHEAPSHEAD    12.68lbs        Mike Burke                           Jersey Bait Tackle
SHEAPSHEAD  11lbs8oz          Dave Haentze                      Jim’s Bait Tackle
WEAKFISH 13.80              Donny Brown           Bud’s B&T
WEAKFISH  12lbs9oz        Ted Mullin             Bud’s B&T
WEAKFISH 9.        Jim ODonnelly        Bud’s B&T    
 The County sent the winners list in a format that I can not copy and past from, so it will take a little bit longer before all the winners are posted

SWORDFISH 132lbs Frank Burger Jen& Tonic

SWORDFISH 80lbs Adrian Besu Sea Splenda

TAUTOG 16lbs4oz Andrew Boschetti JIM’S B&T
TAUTOG 15lbs30oz DON Mark Bud’s B&T
TAUTOG 13lbs8oz Rob Campbell Cape May Lady

TUNA BIG EYE 208lbs Michael Jay MORAN’S B&T


TUNA BLUE FIN 191lbs4oz Rick Patric MORAN’S


TUNA BLUE FIN 145lbs Robert Lewis MORAN’SB&T



WAHOO 47lbs Mark Sherman SLAMMER


Janice Starn 10.51lbs  WREAKFISH JIM’S B&T

We have some of the most exciting tournaments on the planet here Cape May County NJ. Yet even the largest of the tournaments like the Mid Atlantic 500,000 White Marlin tournament coverage amounts to a small blurb in our local papers. I can assure you I will post all the winners 1,2,3,4 and so on in our local tournaments from good old boy to the Mid Atlantic 500,000

2009 NJ Flounder season

The NJ Marine fisheries council has chosen option 5, May 23 to Sept. 4, 18″ size limit with a 6 fish bag limit.





                     Iam down loading video of the council members and others speaking. coming soon.


2009 NJ Flounder season options

      The two options up for debate at 18″ with 8 fish are a season of June 6 Through September 7th or May 23 through September 1st. The dates can be tweaked slightly, but because days in wave 3 (May-June) are not weighted as heavily as wave 5 (Sept.-Oct.) it is not an even 1 for 1 trade off. There are also 2 options at 6 fish that would be June1 thru Sept 7 or May 23 thru Sept 4 and 2 options at 4 fish. The options at 4 fish only give you 1 more day.

There are 4 options with in season closures. 2 options are 18″, 8 fish and the season is either may 15 to July 20 & August 3 to Sept. 13 OR May 20 to July 19 & July 30 to Sept. 11.
The other 2 are 18″ and 6 fish and the season would be May 13 to July 20 & August 3 to Sept. 16 OR May 18 to July 19 & July 30 to Sept. 13.

Currently it is believed the 18.5 inch option (which would have an 8 fish bag and a season from May 9 to October 4) would not be allowed since the ASMFC required a minimum of 50% of any reduction (if a reduction was needed of course) to come from season closure. Since that option has no seasonal closure and actually gives a longer season, and since it takes 100% of the reduction from size limit and none from season, it is believed that it would not be allowed based on the rule from the ASMFC. It does give more of a reduction than that required, so one would think the extra reduction would make up for the lack of seasonal closure, but the motion from the ASMFC was specific in requiring 50% of a reduction to come from season. Currently the state is assuming the 18.5″ option would not be allowed and is looking for clarification from ASMFC.

Tony, Thank you for the information. 2-19-09

Cape May County,NJ Speckled Sea trout Fishing

One day in November 2008 I was on my way home in my skiff . The sky was blue with big, cumulus clouds and the water looked tropical. The air was cool with the smell of fall. I had left my dock at 2:00 AM to hunt SPECKLED sea trout. Armed with over four generations of local fishing knowledge and a passion for fishing that has cost me, well a few friends. I knew it was a tall order to catch a speck for Elise’s special recipe. To catch a speckled trout in Cape May County, NJ a multitude of conditions most converge. Water temperature, wind direction, wind speed , water clarity , salinity level and noise level, i.e., wave runners, cigarette boats, and other fisherman…. This morning I felt good . All conditions were falling in line. I just need one thing, luck! When I had finished tying the boat up. I was staring at two speckled trout . I had a great fishing trip and Elise had her fresh speckled trout. I also returned with something more! I had a realization, If I had choice to live any where on this planet , I would pick my home right here in Cape May county NJ. I love it here Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!speckled-trout-013