NJ salt water license


Tony, I agree with you NJ has a bad reputation when it comes corruption.The State of NJ is under federal mandate to establish a salt water license. If NJ fails to do so the feds will do it and take the money. At this point it is about who  we trust with the money the State of New Jersey or the Federal Government. With the feds we have zero chance it will be dedicated to improve are fishing resource, it goes directly to the general fund. The money can be dedicated to fish and wildlife in NJ, if NJ creates a salt water license. The money collected from hunting and fresh water fishing licenses and permits has been dedicated to fish and wildlife for over one hundred years”.In that time it has never been  used for anything other than fish and wildlife. So we do have a chance if  NJ establishes a salt water license. The NJ salt water license will generate about 40 million dollars annually to enhance your fishing opportunities.

Spring Weakfish Cape May County,NJ


Weakfish have  always been one of the pleasures of spring in Cape May County NJ. True spring arrives here with the news of the first  weakfish and Black Drum being caught. Today with the weakfish population at a low  point it is imperative  you have intimate knowledge of the areas you fish. You also need the ability to read the water or fish with someone that does. No special lure or chum will catch fish without that information or ability.

Two late season Avalon NJ Speckled Trout


The day I caught the specs in the picture large schools of bunker pushed into the sound I was fishing. Followed by the largest school of giant Stripers I have ever seen in shore. As I was hooked up to speckled trout the giant Stripers were stalking and darting  in an attempt to eat them. To my chagrin, I large heavy weight Striper grabbed my lure and spooled me. Ending my fishing for the day. They also spooked the specs so bad it took me a week of scouting to find them.

I have no clue to the correlation between the Red tail hawks’ successful rabbit hunt and a successful Speckled trout fishing trip. I returned many times to find this guy waiting for me with his prize.