Spring Weakfish Cape May County,NJ


Weakfish have  always been one of the pleasures of spring in Cape May County NJ. True spring arrives here with the news of the first  weakfish and Black Drum being caught. Today with the weakfish population at a low  point it is imperative  you have intimate knowledge of the areas you fish. You also need the ability to read the water or fish with someone that does. No special lure or chum will catch fish without that information or ability.


Two late season Avalon NJ Speckled Trout


The day I caught the specs in the picture large schools of bunker pushed into the sound I was fishing. Followed by the largest school of giant Stripers I have ever seen in shore. As I was hooked up to speckled trout the giant Stripers were stalking and darting  in an attempt to eat them. To my chagrin, I large heavy weight Striper grabbed my lure and spooled me. Ending my fishing for the day. They also spooked the specs so bad it took me a week of scouting to find them.

I have no clue to the correlation between the Red tail hawks’ successful rabbit hunt and a successful Speckled trout fishing trip. I returned many times to find this guy waiting for me with his prize.

Fish that visit Cape May County,NJ

In the spring as the water warms into the 40s the striped bass will start to show up . Flounder have become the main event in the spring for back bay fisherman. They can show up as early as late March ,but do to State regulations the season will not open until the first week in June. Historically, weakfish have been the main target of anglers in the spring. Their population has decline dramatically over the last eight years to the point that few fisherman target them. Black Drum fishing is a local tradition. The Black Drum bite starts on the first full moon in May and will continue thru June.. In late spring the offshore big game season will begin with the mako shark migration. Summer brings blue marlin, white marlin, tuna, swordfish, Wahoo . Cape May is home to the richest marlin tournament on the planet. Fall brings excitement for surf and back bay anglers. Giant migratory striped bass will show up in the surf with the first cold north west wind. Huge speckled trout will stalk the crystal clear sound waters. The local waters will hold some of the largest speckled trout in the Atlantic ocean when all the conditions fall in line. I will post a few more pictures soon. The wind is blowing 30 mph the temperature is 28. Today is close to the first day of winter. It is safe to say fishing in Cape May co. will be slow until spring. Merry Christmas, Ken